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Anne Doyle International Student Award

StudyIowa is pleased to announce a scholarship to honor Anne Christensen Doyle and her contribution to international education in Iowa.

StudyIowa Travel Grant

(Application deadline: Saturday, April1, 2017)

The Anne Doyle International Student Award is a non-renewable award of $1,000. The award will be awarded to an incoming international student who plans to attend and enrolls in a StudyIowa member institution on an F-1 student visa. Award Eligibility Requirements:

  1. First semester in a U.S. institution (new freshmen).
  2. Undergraduate degree seeking.
  3. Application for admission has been submitted to a StudyIowa member institution.

Award decisions will be made in April. Awards are disbursed in 2 payments: $500 after enrollment in the fall term/semester and $500 after enrollment in the spring term/semester.

Scholarship Application


  1. Fill out the online application form completely (online form located below).Submit two recommendation letters (written in English; or please provide English translation) from teachers or counselors who can comment on your ability to succeed academically and socially in the U.S.
  2. Submit the online application from below and send the supporting documents (two letters of recommendation and application essay) by April 1st to studyiowa@gmail.com

Any questions can be sent by e-mail to:studyiowa@gmail.com

Application Form

Application Essay

(750 word limit)

  1. How have you demonstrated outstanding academic achievements?
  2. Explain how this scholarship can help you achieve your goals?
  3. Describe at least two reasons you have chosen to pursue your education in Iowa.

Please send the application essay and two letters of recommendation as attachments to studyiowa@gmail.com